The "Sniper" Survival Bracelet 10 Components
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611 – The "Sniper" Survival Bracelet 

The Sniper – is described as a true survivalist type, a person looking for cover and concealment. Maybe hunting, camping, hiking or an all-around outdoorsman.

The Sniper is a 10-piece survival bracelet covers the widest range of tools available. It's ready for any challenge from starting fires in high elevations to catching fish along the shore, and cutting down trees to build the ultimate escape raft or shelter. If your life is on the line, what will you have on hand?

The Sniper doesn't have a survival kit inside, however it does combine our Fire-Whistle Buckle with your own custom survival gear add-ons from the add-ons section will give you a bracelet worth calling a 'Survival Bracelet'.

The Sniper features include:

  • Mil-Spec Paracord – Up to 27 feet of 550 lb. rated 7 inter strands –
  • Tying shelters or rafts
  • Catching fish
  • Carrying supplies
  • Create hunting snares


Mil- Spec Paracord – Military Specification C-5040H the differences between mil-spec paracord and commercial is that Mil-Spec Paracord MUST have 7 or 8 or 9 TWISTED INNER Strands, each made up of exactly 3 TWISTED INSIDE Strands, and must include a Manufacturer’s Colored ID Marker Strand.

Military Specification Paracord is manufactured in strict accordance with the Military Specification C-5040H, and commercial paracord is not manufactured to any single manufacturing, quality control or delivery standard.

Clearly, most people would not have the skill, experience or manufacturing data or information to determine whether most of the requirements of Mil-Spec C-5040H had been fulfilled or not.

Three in one Side Release Whistle Buckle Flint Fire Starter-Scraper with cutting tool

  • Material: Plastic, Steel and Magnesium
  • Brand new very high quality
  • Features Fire starter and scraper that can be used as a cutter
  • High decibel whistle buckle, audibly signal for rescue or tracking
  • Scraper is removable
  • Size: Length Approx. 2.5-inch Width: 1 inch

The Core Tube- Five component small waterproof tube, house the survival kits that are hidden inside the Raider and Recon Survival Bracelet, but can equally stand alone as compact, organized mini-survival kits that can be stowed or incorporated in all kinds of wearable forms: Altoid-style tins, Pen Pockets, Hats, and of course Survival Bracelets.

  • 5" x 1/4"- Tube size
  • Fishing Line - 30 ft., 50 lb. test, braided spectra
  • Fish Hooks - 2x Eagle Claw, Size 8
  • Safety Pins - 2x Brass, Size 00
  • Split Shot Weights - 2x Reusable lead size 3/0
  • Sealed in Waterproof Straw
  • Item #: TheSniperSurvivalBracelet

The "Sniper" Survival Bracelet 10 Components

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