Flat Skull Bead
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Flat Skull Bead   

Our Bead designs are second to none. We pride ourselves in the highest quality beads and selection They are all 100% custom Hand-Made by our dynamic production team. 

The Flat Skull Bead is 1/2' inch in width, 3/4' inch in height and has two 3/8' Holes in the side of the Bead.  

Lastly, if you have any questions or need any help for us please send us an email at danny@611gear.com or give us a quick ring at 1-512-831-9343 and we will gladly answer and questions and walk through the steps with you. (We will even take your order over the phone!) Thanks, so much for choosing 611 Gear for all you custom Paracord needs.

Danny Williams – USMC Veteran/Owner

Semper FI - EPH 6:11

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Flat Skull Bead

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