ENGRAVED - US Military Branches Paracord Charms
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ENGRAVED - Paracord Charms "PLATE ONLY" 

Price is for one plate only!

Sold individually, this listing contains all quality die stamped CURVED charm designs currently available. These charms are made of 1/32 inch thick plated stainless steel or Black nickle depending on the design, 1 1/2 long and 1/2 wide, with the design stamped into the metal giving it a 2D look with exceptional detail.  Something you won't find with clip art stickers used with the dog tag designs.  These plates are designed specifically for but not limited to customizing the popular parachute cord bracelets.  The curved design allows for the natural curve in the bracelet to be maintained.


  • Item #: ENGRAVED - Paracord Charms

ENGRAVED - Paracord Charms "PLATE ONLY"

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