Customized Medical ID Bracelet
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Customized Medical ID Bracelet 

  • Choose your size
  • choose your allergy or medical condition
  • Not listed? tell us what your wanting
  • Choose your color
  • Choose your stripe
  • choose your closure devise

Choose your text and the color of your cordage to personalize your design. You can have a single color, two colors or three.

  • Be careful, check spelling and phone numbers
  • We will automatically adjust the font size according to the amount of text to be printed. 
  • Keep in mind that more text will create a relatively small font size
  • Font is Helvetica
  • Your medical id charm will be printed EXACTLY as the information entered.

- Made out of high quality 450 and 550 pound test paracord
- Sizes ≤ 7.5” are made with thinner gutted paracord and secured with ⅜” buckle
- Sizes ≥ 8” are made with thicker regular paracord and secured with ⅝” buckle
- Made with curved side release buckle for easy one handed operation

  • Item #: Customizable Medical ID Bracelet

Customized Medical ID Bracelet

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