Custom GShock Adapter Base 500 Lugs
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Custom GShock Adapter Base 500 Lugs 

The G-adaptor V2 is redesigned to fit most of the G-Shock Models with 16mm lugs. It has been done and tested with the following models:

AW-591, CA-53W, DW-6900 , DW-6600, , DW-5600, DW-9052 G-9100, G-9200, G-9300, G-7900, G-6900, GA-100, GA-110, GA-120, GAX-100, GA-300, GA-400, GA-700, GBA-400, GD-100, GD-110, GD-120, GG-1000, GLX-150, GLX-5600M, GW-6900, GW-9400 , GWF-1000 GWG-1000, GX-56, GXW-56

Please contact us first if your model is not listed. We will verify if our lugs will fit. 


  •  Lastly, if you have any questions for our team please shoot us an email at or give us a ring at 1-512-831-9343 and we will gladly walk through the steps with you.

Semper FI - EPH6:11

  • Item #: Custom GShock Adapter Base 500 L

Custom GShock Adapter Base 500 Lugs

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