Create your own - Paracord Dog/Cat Collars (All sizes)
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Create your own - Paracord Dog/Cat Collars (All sizes)  

  • MEASURE YOUR Dog or Cat! (see the photos for sizes)
  • choose your size  (add 2 inches for comfort and safety) 
  • Choose your braid Style
  • choose your colors or camo
  • choose an optional embossed dog tag set - 
  • choose your closure devise


The best way to measure your pet's neck by using a fabric tape measure around their neck, about 2-3” behind the base of their ear. If you do not have a fabric tape measure, you may try to use a piece of string, but please keep in mind this may cause variances in your measurement and ultimately the collar. Please measure tightly, and don’t worry we will properly add slack for the collar to fit comfortably according to the neck size. If your dog is extra fluffy in this area, tighten the tape slightly to compensate for the extra skin or hair in that area. Please do not measure your pets existing collar, as that will not give us an accurate neck measurement. Remember you will have an extra 1/2” of adjustability with the screw clasp used on the collars, so if your measurement is in-between sizes, round down to the nearest inch.


Our single duty and wide duty Dog Collars are extremely durable, useful, and stylish. Each Collar is built with our 550-spec military grade paracord and uses our signature adjustable stainless steel shackle for the closure. Dog Collar includes a stainless steel D-ring, which is perfect for leash attachments and tag information. You may also chose a custom Dog tag from our selection with your Dog or cats pup’s information in case he loses his way. This collar is approximately ¾” wide and best for dogs less than 50 lbs.

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Create your own - Paracord Dog/Cat Collars (All sizes)

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