Create Your Own Paracord Two Point Gun/Rifle Sling
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Create Your Own Paracord Gun/Rifle Sling

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Gun Slings are handcrafted one at a time with care by a Disabled Gulf War Vet and made in Indiana. USA made paracord, USA made Grovtec black swivels, heavy USA made hardware, and USA made webbing. 

  • The slings are made of two 35 foot continuous pieces of 550 paracord. They are wide at the shoulder. They are flexible and fit on your shoulder comfortably. Slings come set at 36 inches long and adjust + or - 7 inches or more by adjusting webbing at the bottom. All measurements are a very close approximate. I can make a custom sling that adjusts longer or shorter if needed.

  • These slings are 1-1/2 inches  wide or more at the paracord shoulder area and come with 1-1/4 inch inside diameter US made Grovtec swivels that fit standard studs, and 1-1/4 inch wide US made webbing. These slings are wider and flatter than most of the paracord slings you will find listed.
  • Each sling comes with black Grovtec US Inc. swivels that fit standard mounting studs. Each swivel is also checked against standard rifle studs for fit.

  • Item #: Create Your Own Paracord Gun/Rif

Create Your Own Paracord Two Point Gun/Rifle Sling

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