Create Your Own Paracord Keychain - w/clip- split ring
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Create Your Own Paracord Keychain - w/clip- split ring 

Choose from our assorted colors and create your own from the color choice drop-down. 


Contains up to 12’ of super strong, AUTHENTIC, 550 test military spec paracord. This is not the same paracord you see sold in most stores. This is the same cordage used to rig military parachutes. The Light Duty version uses the entire sheath and cord giving it a breaking strength of about 550 pounds.
- In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use. Make a tourniquet. Tie down a piece of equipment. Use it in however you need it.
- If you use it in an emergency, we’ll replace it for free in exchange for your story and the rights to publish it. All you pay is shipping.

- Logo – If one of our logo products is chosen, the logos themselves are as tough as the rest of the key-chain. They will not scratch, rust, fade or show fingerprints. 
- Logo tag – The dog tag will match the closure chosen. 
- All our products are completely waterproof. They will not fade, mildew or rot.
- Hand wash with warm water and soap or detergent.
- Made in America! Okay! TEXAS



Here at 6.11 Gear we custom build each piece of gear based on your exact measurement. 

Side notes:  If you have any questions for our team please shoot us an email at or give us a ring at 1-512-831-9343 and we will gladly walk through the steps with you.

Semper FI - EPH6:11

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Create Your Own Paracord Keychain - w/clip- split ring

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