Sheriff's Dept - Badge OD Green/Khaki Paracord Bracelet
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Bullet Casing Paracord Bracelet 

 Our Bullet Casing Paracord Bracelet designs are second to none. We pride ourselves in the highest quality Paracord, Shell Casings and hardware. They are all 100% custom built by our dynamic production team right here in Texas.

611 Gear - Ordering Instructions

  • Select your EXACT wrist size –  
  • Select your Casing Finish & Size -
  • Select your Paracord Color – 
  • Optional Matching Key Chain (Snake Braided)
  • Select your production time – standard production or we offer a Jump the line, which moves your item to the front of production.
  • Please provide and additional comments in the space provided.

Our Product Information

- The Single Wrap 550 Paracord Bracelets are 1/2' of an inch wide of super strong, AUTHENTIC, 550 test military Spec III Paracord. This is not the same paracord you see sold in most stores. This is the same nylon cordage used to rig the U.S. Military Branches Parachutes. The Light Duty version uses the entire sheath and cord giving it a breaking strength of about 550 pounds and is the preferred Paracord by many of our customers. It is proven to be a stylish, comfortable and a great fit. 

Paracord’s many Uses: 
- In an emergency, you can unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for use. Make a tourniquet. Tie down a piece of equipment. Use it in however you need it. If you use it in an emergency, we’ll replace the bracelet free in exchange for your story and the rights to publish it. (please provide photos)

Shell Casings: - The casings themselves are as tough as the rest of the bracelet. They will not rust, or break. Proper care will reduce wear and tarnishing from fingerprints. (Care Note: Prevent over stretching and twisting as the paracord may unravel or lose its shape. )

- All our products are completely waterproof. They will not fade, mildew or rot. - Hand wash with warm water and soap or detergent.

100% Made in America! Okay wait, we make everything right here in TEXAS!!!! By our USMC Veteran Owned company and is 100% Family Operated!

Get the Perfect Size!

Here at 611 Gear we custom build each paracord product made to order. Our production is 100% based on your EXACT wrist measurement. We want the size of your wrist, not the length you would like the bracelet to be or measurements from old bracelets or watches. Please note: There is a $15.00 resizing fee for all re-braided products with wrong measurements. That’s why we ask you follow these 3 steps closely: (See Photo Example)

1)    Take a tape measure, string, or scotch tape and wrap it around your wrist to where the two ends touch and there isn’t any slack. Keep in mind this doesn’t need to be so tight that it cuts off your circulation, but merely a true wrist size without slack. (See Photo Example)

2)    Mark this exact length on your string and use a ruler to determine your true wrist size. That is what we need! 

3)    Order this Exact wrist size when checking out, and you are good to go!
Side notes:  If you are in-between sizes, round UP! The nearest size will be comfortable. Please remember not to compensate for slack as we do that here in-house.

Lastly, if you have any questions or need any help for us please send us an email at or give us a quick ring at 1-512-831-9343 and we will gladly answer and questions and walk through the steps with you. (We will even take your order over the phone!) Thanks, so much for choosing 611 Gear for all you custom Paracord needs.

Danny Williams – USMC Veteran/Owner

Semper FI - EPH6:11

  • Item #: Bullet Casing Paracord Bracelet

Bullet Casing Paracord Bracelet

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